Ministry of Environmental Protection: It looks clean water may not be safe
〖 12/10,2013 | onclick 2266 〗
"Announcement" , said whether the health and safety of drinking water , the need to go through professional testing to determine , can not be identified by only a simple method "look , smell , taste ," and so on. For example , contamination of pathogenic microorganisms, chemical substances or radioactive substances in water, its sensory properties may not change significantly , such as direct drinking, may cause acute gastroenteritis , dysentery , and parasitic infections and other water-borne diseases , or cause acute and chronic toxicity and long-term health hazards.

Ministry of Environmental Protection said that safe drinking water should at least meet the water quality standards, the appropriate amount of water , easy access to other basic requirements , including , water quality has a direct impact on people's health.

Drinking water quality must be guaranteed by a lifetime of drinking safety. According to the World Health Organization to explain the so-called security means a lifetime of drinking will not harm health. Where lifelong drinking, the average life expectancy is 70 years for the base, according to the amount of intake of 2 liters of water per person per day is calculated .

"Announcement" that protect the safety of drinking water , first to protect water sources. Drinking water , including water security , a number of aspects of the system , water supply and water, etc. , where water quality is the most basic protection.

Drinking water can be divided into surface water sources , groundwater sources , and many other types of water. Ministry of Environmental Protection said the water source should take the necessary pollution control measures , prohibited the construction of any facilities and all health behaviors impede water quality water quality of health hazards. For example, in surface water source protection areas , prohibit the dumping of industrial waste , municipal waste, manure and other waste , and prohibit the use of highly toxic pesticide residues shall not abuse fertilizers ; in groundwater source protection zones , prohibiting the use of seepage pits , seepage wells , crevices , caves and other discharge of sewage and other hazardous wastes shall not pollute local groundwater sources , such as when implementing artificial recharge of groundwater .

In terms of water sanitation , environmental protection department said , should not drink unboiled water straight . Directly from the water source , without any facilities or just simple water facilities should be regularly put in an appropriate disinfectant and boiling water before drinking . Boiling water can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms , but also the evaporation of the volatile chlorine and some of the harmful substances in the water .
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